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Brickwork & Stone CLEANING - Repointing & Replacement


Repointing / Brick and Stone Cleaning

Buildings that are cleaned without proper care leave the structure too clean, removing the patina of age and causing mobilization of soluble salts, which may lead to rapid decay of the stonework. Of greater concern is the possibility of future problems. For example, the face brick is easily damaged when cleaning, and once damaged the decay of brickwork can be rapid.

Our Expertise in/ Brick and Stone Cleaning

With almost 30 years' experience we have a dedicated team of stone restorers who are experts in all aspects of the masonry trade Total Building Creations is a well established business specialising in the conservation, preservation and restoration

Our services include:
We can restore a range of materials:
· Natural and reconstructured stone renewals, repairs and restoration
· Specialist brickwork repair, restoration, renewals and cleaning
· Flintwork rebuilding, repair and repointing
· Cleaning and repair of specialist fabric such as marble, mosaics and terracotta
· Specialist concrete repair

Types of Brickwork and Stone Finishing include:
We can clean a range of different types of Finishes that include:
· Lymingtonish rag stone
· Sandstones
· Limestones
· Clunch stone
· Flintwork
· Terracotta
· Granite
· Slate
· York stone
· Stucco render
· Lime shelter coatings
· Marble
· Faience
· Terrazzo
· Brickwork
Skilled restorers covering Central Bournemouth and the South East and Lymington


The JOS/Torc system has been designed to work where pressure and water could cause damage to very delicate surfaces and old defective stonework.

This method allows the safe removal of carbon pollutants from: stone, brick, concrete terracotta, ceramic tiles, glass, & many other materials. It also works on Bronze, Brass, Copper Anodised Aluminium products, Oxidation/Sulphuration etc.
Another method of cleaning that we have employed for many years is the DOFF System of ''Superheated Water''.

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