Tiler, Tiling in New Milton, Bournemouth, Poole and Dorset, Tiler, Tiling in Hampshire, Building Restoration, Plastering , House Building Extensions and Building Repair services, Replacement and Restoration services also Decoration, Tiling, Roofing, Kitchens and Bathroom in Bournemouth, Lymington and Dorset. Specialist building restoration and maintenance Building Company based around Bournemouth tailoring especially to the domestic home owner and smaller building restoration and development work. We have been restoring buildings in in the area for many years and only deliver a high standard of workmanship, finish and quality of work.

Total Building Creations are a complete building service born out of over 30 years of commercial hands on building experience. Click on the links above to find out more about Total Building Creations. We cover TWO MAIN AREAS in the South East and South West of England around Bournemouth stretching from Lymington to Dorset and most areas between but, are not rigid in areas covered around the Dorset & Hapmshire City. So why not just give us a call or simply go to our contact page and send a message.


EXTENSIONS and Refurbishment work


Total Building Creations is not just a restoration company we are accomplished builders with many years of practical commercial building experience which includes New Builds. If you want to add an extension to your house think about the purpose of your extension.

We are a small but efficient partnership with all the necessary skills to provide a complete new build, from small extensions to complete house construction. We have the capacity to complete projects up to £5 million in value, thus well within the vast majority of domestic requirements and small commercial new build projects.

Based inLymington and Dorset and the South of Bournemouth we are an established business servicing the Dorset & Hapmshire surrounds with experience in the following building services:

Design and Build

Extention Work (Small and Medium)

New Build Construction

Refurbishment and Restoration Works

Small works

Maintenance works

We are used to working with Architects, Surveyors and Engineers and have strong relationships with local authorities, commercial companies and organizations to validate our credentials as reliable, trustworthy and competent builders. We carry all necessary liability cover and provide insured contractors on-site, to provide peace of mind at all times, and site supervision. We provide a reliable service and undertake all contracts to the highest standard of workmanship and attention to detail, at competitive prices without any loss of quality.

Newbuilds and Extensions
Contact Total Building Creations for a FREE initial consultation from commercially experienced building specialists. We care about attention to detail and provide a service that your home deserves. Call Total Building Creations for your free survey and quotation 07427 455 014